sims 3 crown

Game of Thrones Iron Throne and crown

I’m not sure how comfortable this is, but here you go GoT fans.
(click image for larger views)

Throne is recolourable.


And, of course, Joffrey Baratheon’s Crown

Game of Thrones crown splash

The hat is AWT slider enabled. Sliders are in zip here
I believe the sliders are being moved to a new blog. If located, I’ll update. If anyone knows, please could you provide the link? Thank you.

Download Iron Throne HERE

Download Crown, HERE

The Wedding Collection

Dresses, bouquets, headpieces, veils, and shoes

Temperley London Bellerose couture lace dress
TemperleyLondon Bellerose

Tiara, new mesh

Short lace veil, new mesh
tiara and short veil

Clair Pettibone Couture gown

New full-length veil, new mesh

Flower Headpiece
Flower headpiece

Tulip bouquet, new mesh

tulip bouquet

And, for the 2nd time, or mother-of-the-bride…
Lace Pucci


Diamond headband, in white and yellow diamonds (recolourable), new mesh
Screenshot-252 (2)f

Daisy shoes, new mesh

Screenshot-251 (2)f

For the headpieces, it is HIGHLY recommended you use AWT’s hat slider mod. That way you can alter the headpiece to fit any and all hairs. You find the slider under ‘head’.
AWT slider, HERE HOWEVER, the download link is dead, so I have included them in the file.

Download all in package format only, HERE

Red Rose bouquet, HERE

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The Royal Collection ~ objects, poses, accessories



Crown 1, HERE (saphire and ruby versions in the file)

Elven style Crown 2, HERE (note: in CAS you might find it very faint, but in game it will appear as it is here)

Sword as accessory, HERE

Thrones, HERE

Suit of armor, HERE

Tapestries, HERE

Five Poses, HERE
NOT pose list enabled. Use Pose by Name. Names in text in file,
Curtsy, bow, knight, being knighted, sitting in throne



a_cw_king_knighting / a_cw_knighted / a_cw_royal_queen

a_cw_king_knighting / a_cw_knighted / a_cw_royal_queen


her:a_cw_curtsytoroyals / him: a_cw_bowtoroyals

her:a_cw_curtsytoroyals / him: a_cw_bowtoroyals


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